Beer Talk
Mill Street Stock Ale

Why start with the more the typical beers?  Mill Street Stock Ale is a great way to start things off! 

Mill Street is a newer brewery that was founded in Canada in 2002.  Since then, they came out with a broad array of beers.  Mill Street Stock Ale does not appear to be anything special.  You look at the bottle, and you find it to be another ‘Miller Genuine Draft’ or any other clear bottle beer that you enjoy.  But MSSA provides another experience when relating to clear bottle beers.

Many clear bottles look presentable, however not all live up to their standards.  MSSA happens to be one of those few that live up to their standards.  When put on ice, MSSA provides a unique crisp taste, which is not over whelming on the hops, and does not provide any after taste as the beer’s temperature increases.  There are many beers on the market whose taste diminishes with the uncontrollable temperature change.  MSSA still maintains its taste during such circumstances. 

The only setback to this beer is that is best enjoyed when its at its coldest.  The taste will remain, but the hops will disappear as the temperature increases.  I would consider MSSA a summertime patio beer, but just make sure its guzzled down before the heat takes over. 

I’m sure MSSA will satisfy many individuals, its clean smooth taste definitely hits the spot without giving you an intense bloated feeling.  In conclusion, I rate this beer a: